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Unique Apartment Homes and Easy Applications in California, Colorado and Nevada

At Plenty of Places, we know how important it is to find an apartment you love living in. A home is as unique as the people living within it, and we want yours to reflect you, your lifestyle and your family. That’s why we offer you many choices, from location to floor plan to amenities.

Depending on the community, our apartments range from studios to one-bedrooms or two-bedrooms. We offer furnishing in many of our apartments, so if you’re the type who would rather not worry about moving a bunch of heavy furniture, ask about our fully furnished options today. We know amenities are important, which is why many of our communities offer on-site laundry and swimming pools, as well as proximity to major shopping centers, parks and schools in areas like Long Beach and Las Vegas.

Lastly, we aim to make the rental application process as easy as possible. All we require is photo identification, proof of income and your social security card. We require a standard application screening fee, and process applications quickly and securely so you can be in your new home as soon as possible.

Rent Due Dates

Rent must be received by the close of business on these dates to avoid a late fee. Your rent receipt must reflect this date or before to avoid being charged a late fee. Leaving or dropping the rent after the office closes on these dates will result in a late fee being charged.

Thank-you for making timely rent payments. please let us know if your apartment home needs attention, if you have a concern about a neighbor, a laundry machine is out of order or for any other property business. We hope you enjoy living in our community.Last day to pay rent without a late fee:

6/4/18 | 7/3/18 | 8/3/18 | 9/3/18 | 10/3/18 | 11/5/18 | 12/3/18 | 1/3/19 | 2/4/19 | 3/4/19 | 4/3/19 | 5/3/19 | 6/3/19